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Business Corner

What is Business Corner?
It's a corner at the intersection of White Avenue and 220th Street in SE Osceola County, Iowa. (Map Below) 

Founded in the 1870's it was once a booming corner with a General Store, Gas Station, Church, School, and more.


We moved our business to Business Corner in 2020,  and in 2023 started a new line of products. Below you'll see some images of the corner (taken December 2023), and images of the products we have to offer. But don't ask for shipping, you have to stop at Business corner to say, "I've Been To Business Corner."

An Aerial Photo of Business Corner taken in 1971 courtesy of

"I've Been To Business Corner"

All of these products are available at our shop. Sorry, we can't do online or phone orders.

Business Corner, December 2023

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